Highway Resilience

Our Highways Infrastructure Resilience Assessment Modelling tool (HIRAM) helps you identify and quantify resilience risks on your highway network – developed for highways by highways engineers.

This tool has been developed by the South West Highways Alliance in partnership with Climate SouthWest, Climate Ready, the Met Office and Wilson Pym May Limited.

HIRAM has been developed to be easy to use and provide you with relevant outputs which help support asset management planning and resilience planning. HIRAM combines your local network knowledge and information with climate and environmental data layers to help identify and quantify extreme weather and climate resilience risks. It uses local traffic flow data combined with national figures for transport costs and delay times to calculate the economic impacts of weather events and the economic benefits of building in resilience.

Why is it needed?

The Transport Resilience Review produced a number of recommendations to the Highways Industry. Recommendation 35 states:
“Each Local Highway Authority should make an early start in identifying a ‘resilient network’ to which it will give priority through maintenance and other measures in order to maintain economic activity and access to key services during extreme weather.”

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HIRAM enables you to identify the weather and climate risks on your network and prioritise the maintenance and improvements needed to build the resilience needed to support the economy and your communities. HIRAM goes even further than this and provides estimates of the economic and environmental benefits of funding the required resilience, reporting these as a ready-made business case. This helps you by providing the information to engage with your elected members, your LEP and stakeholders and make the case for the funding.

The HIRAM outputs will provide the evidence that you need when addressing the challenges of extreme weather resilience and longer term climate change in your asset management planning which will contribute to the incentive funding self- assessment scoring.

The power of HIRAM is that it joins up networks across local authority boundaries so you can see how resilience is affected on cross-border routes,  enabling collaboration on building resilience in a planned way, maximising the impact and strengthening the regional message.

Currently 26 Highway Authorities use HIRAM through regional Alliances.

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Our Expertise:

Wilson Pym May have been specifying, collecting, validating and analysing highway-related inventory data for > 20 years.
  • GAP analysis to determine current status and accuracy of the dataset.
  • Migration of data from one management system to another.
  • Collection of spatially enabled inventory data.
  • Video imagery and frame tagging
  • Validation of existing information during tender and mobilisation periods.
  • Bespoke software and training for data collection.

We can help you locate underground services and features to support risk management planning.

Using sophisticated Radio-detection and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment we are able to detect and locate Water and Gas Mains, Foul and Storm Water drainage, Electricity cables, Telecom Fibre Optics routes together with any underground features such as voids.

Wilson Pym May are licenced GPR operators.
Ofcom Licence Number: GPR0086


We undertake highway inspections including visual surveys compliant with ukPMS and HAPMS guidance using off the shelf or bespoke software packages, presenting the data in a format compatible with any system on the market.

We provide guidance on establishing survey policy within an authority and advice on how to make the most of the information collected.


The collection and assessment of pavement condition survey data are vital when it comes to delivering a best value approach to highway network management. This is essential and invaluable when it comes to delivering and monitoring levels of service and managing risk under an asset management approach.

As part of our comprehensive pavement investigation capability Wilson Pym May operate a qualified pavement team to manage and conduct highway assessments on all road classes

Why Choose Us?

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Expert advice

Our extensive asset register knowledge enables us to give expert advice in the examination and collection of data using the latest data collecting and management techniques.

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Practical Solutions

At Wilson Pym May, our advice and services are based upon actual experience gained as practitioners, therefore we can turn best practice guidance into practical solutions.

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Policy and Planning

Wilson Pym May can assist in the creation, implementation and updating of asset management plans, asset valuation and life cycle planning.

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Broad Experience

We have experience across the full highways maintenance market sector.

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